Ready for Takeoff? What to Pack When You Fly Private

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Packing for a trip can be stressful. What will the weather be like? How many extra pairs of pants should you bring? Do you really need that fourth book for the flight? When flying privately, however, packing has the potential to look a bit different than it would if you were flying commercial.

How to Pack

Flying private doesn’t mean you get to bring as many pieces of luggage as you want, so you’re still going to want to be conscientious of how many bags you bring aboard with you. Since many private charters are far smaller than commercial airliners, luggage restriction can be necessary as these planes aren’t likely to have a large excess of storage.

You’ll also want to consider packing a “softer” suitcase, instead of the harder, less malleable ones. Some planes have strange storage spaces, which can force you or the plane’s staff to play a makeshift game of Tetris with your luggage. Soft bags help you bypass this entirely, as it’ll be easier to store your bags in a way that keeps them safe and secure.

If you’re the only one flying on the plane, then you can inquire about how much storage you have access to and pack accordingly. However, if you’re traveling with others, then pack the usual essentials and try to avoid anything not needed since you can’t always predict how much luggage the other travelers in your party will have, even if you know them well.

What to Pack

Knowing what to pack when preparing for a chartered trip is always going to depend on where you’re traveling to and why, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some standards you can stick to as you pack up those suitcases.

Even though flying private means you don’t have to worry about those long TSA security lines, you’re still going to need an ID or a passport. Traveling with an ID is what ensures the pilot can identify you and feel comfortable knowing they’re flying the right person to the right place, and forgetting it can cause needless complications that could’ve been easily avoided.

One of the many perks of flying private is that you don’t have to stick to all of the regulations you would experience on a commercial flight. As long as you’re flying domestically—flying internationally obviously involves more of a process—you won’t have to follow the rules you commonly find on a commercial flight. This means that packing liquids isn’t a problem on a private jet, so feel free to bring that bottle of champagne!

Depending on whether you’re flying for business or for pleasure, you might want to pack some dressier clothes as well. Flying private doesn’t mean you wear only the finest of clothes, but if you’re traveling with a coworker or as a guest, then packing and wearing nicer clothing can be a nice touch.

Other than that, packing for your private flight can look almost however you want it to. You’ll still want to have a carry-on, just so you’ll have easy access to whatever items you think you’ll need while in the air. But depending on who you’re traveling with and where you’re traveling to, packing for a private jet charter doesn’t have to look all that different from packing for a commercial flight.

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