What to Look for When Calculating Private Jet Flight Cost

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When most people think about chartering a private jet, they probably think about extravagant interiors, high expenses, and wildly exotic destinations. While there is certainly a market for those kinds of experiences, that’s only a small sliver of the private jet industry.

In actuality, chartering a jet of your own can be a customizable experience that can fit into a wide range of budgets and lifestyles. If you’ve ever wondered about chartering a private jet for business, personal, or other reasons, but have been intimidated by the potential price tag attached, then take a look at these key factors that play a large role in determining the overall cost of a private jet.

Cabin Size

One of the first decisions you will be able to make when setting up a private jet is cabin size. As you can imagine, the larger the aircraft is, the more expensive it will be to charter. However, there are a variety of sizes and models to choose from which can provide you with an experience that fully meets the needs of you and your trip.

As you’re preparing a budget for your trip, deciding on what size cabin you’d like to have is usually a good question to start with. Larger aircraft don’t only require more fuel, but also cost more to effectively operate on an hourly basis. Both of these things can affect the chartering cost, although it ’s important to note charter companies will often include the cost of fuel in their hourly rate.

Ultimately though, with sizes ranging from “Light Jet Cabin”—which can usually carry 5-7 passengers—to “Heavy Cabin” options that can accommodate 10-16 people, you can be confident in your ability to find an aircraft that will work for you and your budget.

5 Questions To Ask Before Chartering a Private Jet

Aircraft Amenities

Once you know what size of aircraft you’re looking for you can start deciding on what types of amenities you’d like to have access to while in the air. Private charters can provide a diverse array of amenities, and depending on the cabin size you choose, can include:

  • Built-in Wifi or TV

  • Prepared meals and drinks

  • Luggage space

  • Lavatory  

  • Galley size  

  • Sleeping accommodations

  • Flight attendant

  • And more!

The hourly cost of the chartered aircraft will go up depending on what kind of amenities the flight does or doesn’t offer, so keep that in mind as you put together a plan that is both exciting and cost-effective.


If you’re traveling over a long distance, then you’re either going to need a larger aircraft that can provide a nonstop flight or a smaller aircraft that will need to stop along the way in order to refuel. In both situations, the cost of your flight will be higher simply because of the number of miles you’ll be traveling.

The popularity of the route you’ll be taking is also a factor to consider. For example, if your flight ends in an “unpopular” route, then the charter company may have a harder time selling a route back to their home base. There will also be airport taxes, landing fees, and other potential expenses from destination airports that you’ll want to keep track of as you schedule your private flight.

Fly with Flyte

Planning a private flight can feel daunting, but with Flyte Aero, it doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve figured out what aircraft size you’d like, or what amenities you’re hoping to enjoy, Flyte Aero will work with you to pinpoint a charter service that’s uniquely able to meet your needs.

We can help you reach over 5000 airports in the United States alone, and no matter what specifications you’re looking for, we’ll work alongside you to find exactly the flight for you. Reach out today and let us help you get started!

5 Questions To Ask Before Chartering a Private Jet

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